Monday, February 05, 2007


Part-Time Partners

Gregory Gallopoulos, managing partner of Jenner and Block, has written a terrific article about part-time partners ("How to be a Full Partner on a Part-Time Schedule", available on A main point of the article is that partners who work reduced hours need to contribute to the firm economically and in other ways, such as mentoring and firm support. PAR has long advocated balanced hours schedules that include non-billable as well as billable time, and Mr. Gallopoulos's reminder that this principle is as important for partners as for associates is well-taken.

PAR would like to hear from partners who are working reduced hours. Regardless of the reason for reducing hours (phased retirement, health reasons, volunteer work, child care, family care, etc.), we would like to hear how you make your schedule work, what you do to maintain your professionalism, what your contributions to your firm are, whether your arrangement is formal or informal, how it affects your compensation, etc. You can send a private email to us at info at, or join PAR's discussion forum and post your comments there if you would like to share your information with others.


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